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Why West London?

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London Ontario has been known as one of the best cities in Canada for education, arts, food and shopping while maintaining both the feel of the big city, and the quaint aesthetic comforts of a small town. London’s population grows year after year cultivating arts, sports education and business while maintaining a sense of balance and growth. London’s downtown streets boast an active night life for those who seek it, ranging from the London Knights hockey team, to Richmond Row. London is a great up and coming city to invest your future in, as students and new people come to make it their home every year.

The population of London Ontario is 388,000 People including Byron, Masonville, Whiteoaks, Westmount, Pond Mills and Stonybrook. Being the center point between Windsor and Toronto Ontario on the 401 allows a great deal of tourists and newcomers to the city visiting Oxbow Glen Golf Course, Storybook Gardens and highland country club. Siting in the center of the county of Middlesex, London is spilt by the Thames river separating the South-East and North-West portions of the city, with London West being an up and coming neighbourhood to invest in. There are great churches, shopping centers, new housing developments as well as great schools. Boasting a great community, with activities for all ages West London is a great place to grow your family.

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Fanshawe College and Western University have alumni that have helped and touched the world over in positive ways. Bringing new cures and treatments for Cancer, AIDS and other serious ailments to the world to help us all. Fanshawe Alumni have reached Canada’s ears and hearts through radio and art programs that bring new musicians into our hearts to the careers launched from their hollowed halls whether it fashion, art or directing. London has had multiple celebrities that have emerged from its boarders., including Justin Beiber, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams and Victor Garber

London has a rich history going back to the inception of this country, ranging from the development of the rail road, the Royal Military College of Canada, the Labatt Brewing Company and the famed St. Peters Cathedral Basilica just outside Victoria Park. Although London’s role as the military center in the 20th century shifted as the 21st century rolled in, London’s growth and diversity continued to grow and develop. Western University and later Kings College became added to the ranks of prestigious institutions with the development and discovery of Insulin in the early part of the 1900’s.

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During the summer months London’s downtown core becomes a heaven for fair’s, concerts, festivals and art showcases that bring in over an estimated 1 million tourists per year. Victoria park brings the Sunfest, Home Country Folk Festival, London Fringe Theatre Festival, Rock the Park and Rib Fest every spring an summer attracting people of all ages and creeds. While every Fall Londoners are treated to the Western Fair which boasts music, rides and games for all ages. London’s other parks range in size and beauty regardless of what corner of the city they rest on, most of which are nestled next to the Thames River giving stunning views for all that visit.

The Covent Garden Market, also known as the Downtown Farmer Market sits at the city’s core, bringing fresh foods, organic produce and treat and more festivals to sate a booming city rich in diversity’s soul. Fresh baked breads and food line its halls rich in diverse selections for anyone who is interested. Being positioned across from the Budweiser Gardens which hosts the London Knights, concerts and tournaments bringing international visitors and attention to a booming city.

Through the Winter the Downtown core emerge into a winter wonderland. London sits on the Snow belt, allowing its citizens and visitors to catch picturesque views of ice sculptures, snow capped trees and Ice Skating for those who are interested. And being so close to Richmond Row witch its celebrated shopping, food and unique night life bring the city alive at all times of the day and night.

London also has two amazing malls at each end of the city. White Oaks mall which is located in the southern end of the city near the 401, is filled with clothing, jewellery, shoes and unique shops that bring in tens of thousands every year. While in the north end you have Masonville Mall, holding the apple store, music stores and upscale dinning. Rich in development the city is perfect for a first home, a budding business or home office for a booming fortune 500 company ready to make its mark on the world. Investing in a city where comfort, atmosphere and peace are all with in reach makes London a great place to grow, there is truly something for everyone who comes.